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Cessna 172

Cessna 172

Cessna 172 is a light single-engine aircraft of US manufacture, all metal construction, with high wings struts and a four-seater. Landing gear is fixed, tricycle. It has a purpose in the education and training of pilots, air transport and tourism. This plane is certainly one of the most popular sport aircraft, and very often used in aero clubs. It is known as a plane that is mass-produced in large batches. So far it is produced over 43 000 copies and is still produced by the American manufacturer of light aircraft Cessna Aircraft. Metal blade with two prong is integrated with engine. Maximum flight amounts to 4000 m, and the initial climb rate of 3,2 m/s. The maximum speed of the aircraft in horizontal flight amounts to 220 km/h. Wing span is 10,97 m, a length of 8,22 m.


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