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About us


Nikita Aviation flight schools was established with the aim to raise the education and training of the civil aviation to the highest possible level. The experience of instructors in military and civil aviation helped us to create a strong and efficient organizational structure, which assures the quality of teaching and training.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality training and cooperation in a friendly environment with a professional and motivated collective and to contribute to improving the quality of theoretical teaching and practical training through our actions. We want to follow and understand the needs of current and future pilots and airlines, as well as to meet and surpass their expectations through our versatile and comprehensive engagement.


The vision of our flight school is to be a synonym for a company that constantly sets the higher standards in the area of aviation as well as in the field of general business. We will try not only to introduce new habits and trends, but to anticipate them and create. We want to be a synonym for school that operates in step with the time that comes.

We want our mission and vision to reflect the purpose of being on the road towards unified goal: beyond borders in achieving your expectations, needs and requirements, through continuous improvement of the quality of training. No matter how appropriate was the design of the logo, uniforms of employees and the number of billboards in the city center, so the entire effort falls into the water if all this does not stand on the foundation of the same quality product.


As for the fleet, the training is conducted on the aircraft type Cessna 172 and Cessna 152.


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