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Private Pilot licence (PPL)

Course Structure

Stage 1 - PPL Teoretical Training

PPL teoretical classes are conducted at our flight school. The phase of theoretical classes takes 6 weeks (147 hours) and is followed by internal tests. These will thoroughly prepare you for the official ICAO exams.

The ICAO examinations are maintained at Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia (CAD), which is an official ICAO Examination Centre.

These 9 ICAO completed exams provides you with some of the credits you require to complete the degree of PPL.

Here are the subjects:

Stage 2 - PPL Practical Training

During this 3-months phase (duration may vary because of the weather conditions) you will complete a total of 46 hours and 20 minutes of flight training in the Cessna 172 or Cessna 152 aircraft.

There are four sub-stages of PPL practical training:

  1. Training to the first solo flight
  2. Solo flying
  3. Navigational flying (route flying)

Entry requirements:


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